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Blagica Micova

Blagica Micova is currently working at: Trajkovski & Partners consulting as Economy consultant.

Education: Economy

Mentoring Sector: Marketing and Consulting

Mentored by: Maja Kaleova Savvoukidou (owner and General Manager of "MESSAGE" dooel from Skopje, Agency for consulting in the segment of marketing and PR services).


Elena Mirova

Elena Mirova is currently working at: SAP - as Financial Consultant.

Education: Business Administration

Mentoring Sector: Negotiations

Mentored by: Aleksandra Mihajlova (Head of HR Office and Office for technology and services at Tutunska Bank Skopje).


Slavica Todorovska

Slavica Todorovska Slavica Todorovska is currently working at: Stopanska Banka as Оfficer on "MIS" Reports.


Mentoring Sector: Media and TV

Mentored by: Biljana Trendafilova (Deputy Editor in chief of the News program and Editor of the Economy department of the News. She is also planning the news content and Author of the economic emission "Business 365").


Aleksandra Makarovska

Aleksandra Makarovska Aleksandra Makarovska is currently working at: Dooel Stefal as Lawer/Administration Consultant.

Education: University of Law

Mentoring Sector: Bussines/Administration

Mentored by: Kristina Todorovic - Nikolic (Chief Executive Officer of the company Tinex MT Ltd Skopje, Macedonian largest chain of supermarkets, hich exists on the market for 20 years).


Ivana Stanoeska

Ivana Stanoeska is currently working at: Skopje Airport Alexander The Grate-Duty Free shop- as Sales assistant.

Education: Faculty of Economy – present time

Mentoring Sector: Bussines/Administration

Mentored by: Klementina Tunteva - Makedonski Telekom AD - Skopje Chief Executive Officer Area, Strategy and CEOs Cabinet.


Stefanija Makarovska

Stefanija Makarovska is currently starting Business - Domino the Effect.

Education: Faculty of Economy

Mentoring Sector: Start up business and advertising

Mentored by: Marta Naumovska-Grnarova (owner and General manager of Zavar Company, leading company in the Balkans for process equipment and welding solutions and in the same time managing director of Zavar design brand of designer radiators).


Martina Rmush

Martina Rmush is currently starting business – Hostel in Mavrovo.

Education: Faculty of Philology

Mentoring Sector: Start up business and advertising

Mentored by: Daniela Dabeska (president and the founder of Macedonian Women’s Rights Center SHELTER CENTER Skopje founded on February 7, 2001 Up to now are the women’s rights).


Dragana Stojanovska

Dragana Stojanovska is currently working at: Ernest - Yang office Skopje - as Finance assistant.

Education: Economy managment

Mentoring Sector: Start up business and advertising

Mentored by: Ms. Popovska Anita. She currently performs the position of Organizational Director at the Institute for Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis (since 2008). As an Organizational Director, apart from the regular coordinative work at the clinic, she cooperates with the Regional Office of the World Health Organization and at the same time she acts as a Coordinator of the Global Fund within the international project.


Bojana Naumovska

Bojana Naumovska is currently working at: Parlament of R of Macedonia as Advisor for finance, budget, EU and foreign affairs.

Education: Faculty of Law

Mentoring Sector: Government and leadership

Mentored by: Gorica Atanasova – Gjorevska currently performs the position of - Chargé d'Affaires Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia to Warsaw, Poland.

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