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Mentor with IMPACT-– Mentoring Program for woman entrepreneurs and professionals from Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Netherlands

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This Mentoring Program is financed by The Netherlands Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia

Related to the expected results this project proposal is relevant to the to the issues listed in the EU Strategic Framework and Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy (2015-2019) that are relevant for the country (LGBTI, anti-discrimination, economic and social rights) as listed hereafter: i) Promoting stronger partnership with third countries’ CSOs, including social partners and between authorities…and CSOs; ii) Empowering CSOs defending the rights of women and girls; and iii) Promoting gender equality, women’s rights, empowerment and participation of women and girls. The action is promoting the role of civil society organizations in their fight against discrimination and effective mechanisms for monitoring all forms of discrimination based on gender, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation, including implementation of relevant legal framework and systematic measures. Also, this action is aiming to build capacities of civil society organizations contributing to the empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable groups including the protection of rights of long-term unemployed women, vulnerable groups of women, as well as women from different ethnic minorities.

1. Objective(s) of the project

Overall objective:
To support woman entrepreneurs and professionals from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo by creating unique mentoring program as a key to professional and personal success, and secondly creation of a peer mentoring program with experts and professionals from Netherlands increasing their pool of contacts, potential partners and collaborators
Specific objectives:
i) To strengthen the cooperation among national CSOs, business sector and national authorities thought debates and panel discussions; ii) To increase public awareness on the sector reform, in particular with regards to gender based employment policies; iii) To strengthen the skills of CSOs activist to act effectively and to advocate for fundamental rights and gender balance;

2. Main activities

First phase of the project:
After official start of the project, Project coordinator will visit all 3 countries (Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo), conduct interviews with selected regional coordinators. After initial meeting, mentoring call for this project will be prepared.

Activity 2:

Open call for Mentors
15 Mentors: Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (five from each country)
Application criteria For Mentors
– Owner, CEO, CFO, CMO in company/organization operational at least 3 years
– Managerial position of minimum 3 employees
– Knowledge in English, working and communicate via internet
– Willingness to commit in mentoring relationship for 12 months (at least 2hours per month)
– Motivated to expand their business on international level
– Be ready to share, exchange knowledge and experience
– To have social responsible concept
– Open minded in terms of business development
– Have a strategy for business development at least in planning phase
– Skills, expertize and talents
In order to select short listed 15 candidates, the coordination team will conduct evaluation sessions with the donor representatives. After preparing detailed profile of their business including expertize and talents they could offer in the mentoring relationship, open call for mentees will be published

Activity 3:

Open call for Mentees
15Mentees: : Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo (five from each country)
Open call for mentees will be published and distributed to partner organization and media portals. After receiving applications from mentees, on spot visits and interviews will be organized. The participants will be selected based on the application, individual assessment including face to face interview (a local team member will prepare a questionnaire) and following criteria will be taken into consideration
Application criteria For Mentees
– Start up business owner
– Company/organization professional- ready to learn
– Willingness to commit in mentoring relationship for 12 months (at least 2hours per month)
– Knowledge in English, working and communicate via internet
– Motivated to expand their business on the next level
– Be ready to learn, exchange knowledge and experience
– Open minded in terms of business development

Interviews will be done will all selected participants (mentors and mentees) In order to have the best mentoring match, according goals and needs of the mentee and the talents and expertize of the mentors.
For further focus of the mentoring program, participants will have the option to select and indicate from this 5 sectors (1. Access to finance and budget planning; 2. PR, Media and negotiations; 3. Marketing and product development; 4.Company management and HR; 5.Access to new markets and networks

Activity 4:

Open call for Peer-Mentors from Netherlands

Subsequently, second phase will start with open call and selection of mentors from Netherlands. Matchmaking will be based on the needs of selected mentors from Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania and skills, expertise and talents of the mentors from Holland. Mentors will be business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO; CMO, CFO and experts on detected 5 sectors of skill building interest: 1. Access to finance and budget planning; 2. PR, Media and negotiations; 3. Marketing and product development; 4.Company management and HR; 5.Access to new markets and networks
Collaboration with Professional Woman network-Amsterdam

Activity 5: Match-making

After finalization of the matchmaking process, all participants receive introduction e- mail, with all information about their mentor/mentee, including email contacts and steps for the mentoring relationship
Mentors/mentee both regional and the one matched with mentors from Holland will start their mentoring relationship working on regular/agreement timeline for the mentoring relationship. Proposed timeline for online and/or in- person meeting will be minimum of 2 hour per month (Once a month or every two weeks to arrange meeting of hour and a half) for period of 12 months.

Activity 6: Start of the mentoring relationship (conference)

Start of the mentoring relationship will be at the conference organized in Struga, Macedonia. All 45 participants will be present. First and second day of the conference they will be introduced to each other and work on the mentoring agenda/agreement, defining goals and topics covered in this relationship. Then all participants will create digital profile comprising all information of the entrepreneurs (mentors and mentee), so it will be very convenient for them to follow up online and maintain good mentoring relationship.
During the conference expert trainers (from each country) will film min. 8 educational videos. Also master-class videos will be filmed on various topics and will be uploaded on the International mentoring platform, so all participants can have access to online education
Educational videos will be products of this program, and will be put on our digital platform for mentoring, consequently other startups, entrepreneurs and mentees can benefit from all this knowledge.

Activity 7:Macedonia Outreach day

On the third day of the conference additional public/participants will be invited to meet our group of mentors, mentee and experts from this 4 countries and participate at two educational workshops organized for this day.

Activity 8: Evaluation of the project results (Preparation of narrative and financial reports)

3. Envisaged outcomes and outputs

Mentoring is a strategic way to develop, successfully plan and manage talent. Mentoring in this program is done online using our specially-designed platform, which allows for great flexibility and cross-border networking and learning.
Online mentoring makes it possible for those who might otherwise be excluded due to their gender or geographical location to participate in mentoring relationships. Mentees and mentors in this program will have fresh perspective, widen their networks to a global level and build life-changing relationships over thousands of miles.
In addition to online mentoring, mentoring pairs will meet in persons, on conference and on scheduled meeting in their cities, countries. (Min of 2 hours per month)

• Improves participants confidence, leadership skills, stakeholder communications and management of workplace issues
• Broadens professional networks
• Strengthens the mentoring and learning culture
• Increases communication across business units, industry groups and across the organization
• Increases talent pool for senior and critical roles
• Increases engagement and retention
• Participants prepare personal business developments plans
• Better understand their competitive position and their potential client/customer base.
• Improve their financial management and forecasting.
• Manage growth
• Expand their networks and increase client base
• Finding new markets (opportunity for export/import of services/goods)

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