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Call for application Women entrepreneurs - Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania

Call for application Women entrepreneurs – Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania

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What is ‘Brilliant Entrepreneur’?

Are you ready to become one of the 20 women entrepreneurs that will realize a business innovation based on your and your employees talent, an innovation contribute to your business? Join ‘Brilliant Entrepreneur’ and take your business to the next level.

Required profile of the participants

The selection criteria for the participants in the programme are the following:

  • Women owner/manager of small or medium size company in Macedonia/Albania/Kosovo;
  • Your or the company you manage has at least five employees;
  • The company has been operational for at least 2 years with turnover of min. $ 20000;
  • You have excellent command of the English language;
  • You are skilled to use and communicate via Internet;
  • You operate in a socially responsible manner;
  • You are ready to commit time for active participation in the programme and the mentoring.

Women entrepreneurs from all sectors can participate, where sectors of particular interest are the agriculture and agro-processing, services and trade, the ICT sector; Tourism and Textile.

The programme

Module 1 – 3 days of intense workshops conducted on a location in Macedonia. The workshops will focus on: Talent identification, dealing with setting business targets, own resistance to change and focus on design of an innovation for your business, mentorship, preparation for the trade mission.

Module 2 – join a 5 day business mission in the Netherlands. During the mission you will: Meet with Dutch entrepreneurs, share and learn best practices and create opportunities for future business cooperation/partnerships. Also you will receive trainings on a variety of aspects for international entrepreneurial development.

Module 3 – 3 days of final workshops and closing programme conference in Macedonia with focus on the following topics: Personal and professional growth, the value of focus, measuring and presentation of the achieved results, the power of networking, mentorship.

The mentoring

Every participant in the programme will mentor 1 start-up female entrepreneur outside of the participant group. This provides the participant with the opportunity to share the knowledge, expand her network and lay the foundation for future initiatives for empowerment of women entrepreneurs. The whole mentoring process will be facilitated and managed by a third party experienced professional, which is part of the implementation team for the programme.

Benefits and responsibilities of the participants

As a participant, you will receive the following benefits from the ‘Brilliant Entrepreneur’ programme:

  • Free participation in all workshops in Macedonia and The Netherlands;
  • Free accommodation during the programme, both in Macedonia and in The Netherlands;
  • Free matchmaking and exchange of best practices with Dutch women entrepreneurs;
  • Expanded network of national and international business contacts;
  • Discover your own talent potential and gain tools for further growth;
  • Realize innovation within their business based on own and employees talents/possibilities;
  • Become a role model for other women entrepreneurs.

You will have the following obligations for your participation in ‘Brilliant Entrepreneur’:

  • Actively participate in all modules of the programme;
  • Dedicate time for the mentoring of 1 woman start-up entrepreneur during the programme;
  • Share your knowledge with the other women entrepreneurs – participants;
  • Cover your transportation costs for attending the modules in Macedonia & The Netherlands.

Timeline of the programme activities

Selection of the participants in the programme: September & October 2015

Module 1 (3 days in Macedonia): 25-27 November 2015

Module 2 (5 days in The Netherlands): beginning of March 2016

Module 3 (3 days in Macedonia): 25-27 May 2016


How to apply

Send your letter of motivation and a brief description of your company profile on the following email latest by the 8th of October.

Please use the following form for describing your company profile:

 Company Profile (Word docx)

Your application will be reviewed according the provided information.

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